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Hi there, I have decided to convert an old Power Mac G4 to take standard pc components. I Thought Id share the process here.Case Modding and Other Mods. Power Mac G4 Micro ATX Project. Apple представляет новый Power Mac G4 с процессором … Объявленные модели Power Mac G4 имеют новую высокопроизводительную архитектуру с системной шиной и шиной памяти 133 МГц, пять слотов для увеличения расширяемости иApple SuperDrive поставляется в стандартной конфигурации high-end модели Power Mac G4. PowerMac G4 AGP - Recommended Upgrades | Memory

The Power Mac G4 offers a lot of power, expandability (3-4 PCI slots and several drive bays), and upgradability (1.5 to 2.0 GB maximum RAM) with prices starting as low as $60. G4 Power Macs aren’t the great values they once were as the selection available through online dealers has declined ...

mac power mac g4 | eBay Find great deals on eBay for mac power mac g4. Shop with confidence. How to Install RAM into a Power Mac G4 | Macinstruct Adding more memory, or RAM, is the least expensive and easiest way to upgrade your Mac. It lets you run more applications and keep more files open simultaneously. Most Macs have more than one slot to install RAM into, but certain laptops and early iMacs have limited slots, so in those cases it helps to purchase the largest memory sticks you can.

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Need to know what model G4 Mac you have. Look at the specs on all G4 models. The specs will say how many RAM slots. Some Macs only have 3 RAM slots, but the "standard: software is designed to search for 4 slots. PowerMac G4 AGP - Recommended Upgrades System crashes, slow applications, the spinning pizza wheel of death are all signs that you need to give your Mac a memory boost. The G4 AGP has 4 RAM slots located to the left of the Processor, the chips do not have to be installed in pairs or matched so you can add as you go. iMac Upgrades for Model ID: PowerMac6,1 Find your Mac Model ID in OS X Click here for a Bookmarkable Web Page handy for future reference and with more information too. 1.800.275.4576 or +1.815.338.8685 Power Mac G4 Cube - Wikipedia

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Power Mac G5: Cheap Power, Easy Upgrades | Low End Mac The Blue and White G3 uses PC-100 SDRAM and has four memory slots, as does the Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics); both support up to 256 MB modules for 1 GB maximum RAM. The Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics) uses the same PC-100 modules but supports capacities to 512 MB for a 2 GB maximum, as does the Gigabit Ethernet model. The Power Mac G4 Cube uses the ... Apple Power Mac G4 Memory - We Love Macs